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Providing A Common Sense Approach To Lending

Intellect Capital was founded in November of 2021 with the main objective of providing a common sense approach to lending.

The founders have been in the private lending space for over 15 years and have successfully lent over $500 million.

Utilizing our expertise and understanding of the real estate and construction trends in Canada, we recognize that time is valuable and can guarantee that we are transparent with brokers and borrowers throughout the entire process.


Real-Time Decision Making


We are able to underwrite deals on the same day, and typically fund within 48 hours. We work with a network of like-minded individuals and institutions that understand the importance of timely communication and implementation.


While most MICs and other firms have investors to report to, we pride ourselves on the ability to make decisions in real time due to the fact that we do not require an investor group. This allows us the flexibility to structure deals that make sense for all parties involved. Whether it be loan duration, loan size, fee structures, or the need for a quick turnaround of capital, we are agile in a market that demands it.

Mortgages Funded

500MM +

Debt to Equity Leverage


Average Loan Size

1.56MM +

Secured By Real Estate



“If you do the work, you get rewarded. There are no shortcuts in life”

Michael Jordan

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